Rooftop Solar Company ZunRoof Raises 3rd Round of Angel Funding

Gurgaon-based star top startup, ZunRoof, has raised Associate in Nursing covert add within the third spherical of angel funding from angel investors together with Ramakant Sharma, founding father of Livspace and Arun Diaz of IntelleGrow at the side of the lead investors of ZunRoof’s previous spherical, Pradeep Tharakan, Gaurav Gupta, Vismay Sharma et al, reported Mercom Bharat.

Prior to this latest funding, the startup had last raised in Gregorian calendar month last year, once it secured Rs one.66 large integer from i3N, Paipal Ventures’ Ajith Pai, Gaurav Gupta, Asia Director, Dalbergr and a bunch of IIT Kharagpur alumni based mostly in America.

ZunRoof had raised the primary spherical of angel funding in December 2016 from executives of Facebook, Morgan Stanley, and FICO within the U.S.

In an announcement statement, Pranesh Chaudhary, founder, and chief executive officer of ZunRoof, said, “This funding spherical comes at the precise right time for America as we tend to square measure at a transparent inflection purpose to grow an unknown speed in star rooftops. we’ve got a really potent and distinctive mixture of VR, milliliter and image process backing our operations that has light-emitting diode America to already the best range of star rooftops in Bharat and that we aim to make on this lead more.”

Ajith Pai, the Partner, Paypal Ventures, said, “ZunRoof nowadays has used technology in VR and image process to interrupt down the same old barriers to adoption of Roof high star. I will still be affected with what they achieved within the short amount of your time since endowed back in April 2018. My repeat investment within the second spherical of funding is Associate in Nursing affirmation of my belief in their technical school art, their business arranges, their company and their team. I actually have little doubt that this is often one investment that may pay off.”

Last month, Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings restricted (‘RIIHL’), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd, declared to amass in Kanoda Energy Systems, Associate in Nursing Ahmedabad-based renewable energy services firm that gives services in star consultatory, product style and technology validation. RIIHL is studying a dominant stake of half of one mile for ₹ seventy-five large integer (about $10.7 million), in Associate in Nursing all-cash deal.

In the same month, Jaipur headquartered alternative energy developer and EPC player, Rays Power below, had raised two hundred large integers from DMI Finance.

He explained that one power unit of electrical device produces around 1500 units of electricity once a year, which suggests that 6kw of system produces 9000 units in one year. Thus, the amount of units turn out equals to the number of units consumed.

A 6kw of the scheme at the start prices around Rs four 100000. However, when granting of Rs one.5 100000 the whole bill cuts to Rs two.5 lakh. supported the present unit-economics, the full electrical device system becomes free in 3 years.

“The capital investment in putting in star PV system incorporates a payback amount of 3 to four years and with output warranties for twenty-five years,” aforesaid Chaudhary.

Concept of Zunroof
Considering India’s climate, alternative energy could be a dead possible supply of energy for the country. It receives regarding two,300-3,200 hours of sunshine once a year, that is Associate in the Nursing incidence of 4-7 kWh/m2 of alternative energy, enough to satisfy consumption necessities. With the ever-increasing costs and decreasing stocks of fossil fuels, alternative energy appears to be the most effective possibility.

After graduating from IIT-Kharagpur, Chaudhary and Sachin joined analytical consulting and star sector, severally.

However, when your time, they felt they were being too snug with their jobs. in order that they determined to require up more difficult work and thought of building organization exploitation their individual skills. Thus, the team of 2 joined star and analytics and designed Sunroof.

It is a home-tech company, battery-powered by a mixture of image process, VR, IoT and knowledge analytics. it’s developed proprietary tools that predict the correct size and style of the system in addition as all techno-economic practicableness metrics of the roof inside minutes.

Besides, through its platform, it additionally provides the most effective costs and also the right quality choices to its customers through multiple installer partners.

The company claims to own assessed over twenty,000 top customers and has crossed installations of over one power unit of star panels.

It additionally claims to be unit-economics profitable in Delhi-NCR and currently aims to expand to alternative regions like city, Faizabad, Chandigarh, Haridwar, and Jaipur.

Market chance
India’s alternative energy generation capability has quite tripled in 3 years to over twelve gigawatts (GW).

According to a recent report by Bridge to Bharat (a house in India’s renewable market), Bharat can have a capability addition of eight.8 GW projected this year. The country is ready to become the third biggest star market globally in 2017 and is anticipated overtake Japan.

The report reveals that star capability within the country is anticipated to the touch eighteen.7 GW by the top of 2017, that is regarding five percent of worldwide star capability. Besides, the govt. is targeting to boost energy generation from all renewable sources to one hundred seventy-five GW by 2022.

Orjan, Nuevosol, final Sun Systems, and Ezysolare, among others square measure a number of the startups that square measure providing solutions within the star house.

Experts say that corporations see the vast business chance in alternative energy generation because the government promotes renewable energy with tax breaks.

Source: IndianWeb2 And entrackr

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