Innovative Startup HappyLocate Relocation

Founding Team:
Ajay Tiwari & Sainadh Duvvuru

Innovative Startup HappyLocate Relocation

HappyLocate is the one-stop shop for 25+ India’s finest packers and movers and 20,000+ hotels. Had it be moving a car or moving a house, HappyLocate makes sure that your relocation becomes a memorable one. We serve across 15,000 PIN codes in India. Our services start from remote cities of India and stretch all the way to key cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.

HappyLocate serves home shifting, office shifting and vehicle (car or bike or both) shifting and hotel bookings. HappyLocate Assurance: Your relocation is covered end to end with HappyLocate Assurance. HappyLocate facilitates India’s best and original packers and movers and insurance to secure every move.’
Products or solution and technology:

Problem: Relocation has mostly been a nightmare and a tough experience to many where it adds to complications when users struggle to find right vendors, face price uncertainty and ignorance on managing them
 Solution: Happylocate, India’s first One Stop Relocation Platform, was conceptualized to reform the way India relocates.

Happylocate, One-Stop Relocation Platform for multiple relocation’s needs currently serving packers and movers, short-stay needs of relocating population. Happylocate has used a smart way of crafting happier and intelligent relocations by using modern-day technologies(AI and Machine learning enterprise tool)to optimize the ways and means through which the customers can interact with the packers and movers.

Traction and plans of Scaling:

With over 4,000+ quotations delivered to date, HappyLocate has proved that the industry that prime facile looks hugely competitive haven’t been explored eveners to state their requirements every now and then. We believe in a system a bit..“The next step is AI. We don’t find it natural and acceptable for our use that understands what a user needs, even before the user can put his demands on the table and we are working endlessly towards reaching that tenacity.” Quoted by Sainadh.
Message to STARTUP aspirants:
Leaving a coveted job and following your dream to become an entrepreneur is not an easy road to take, that way is full of thorns. But you have to take those challenges head-on and you will see you will trounce all those odds.

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