Israel’s Top VC Fund Loves Indian Entrepreneurs & Sees Great Potential in Technology Investing in the Country

While talking to businessperson India at the sidelines of the OurCrowd world capitalist Summit, Jon Medved, the chief executive officer OurCrowd capital fund based mostly out of Israel aforesaid that the fund isn’t solely curious about India however can mark its presence in but nine months.

“We don’t have an associate degree workplace in India as of currently, we have a tendency to love your country. India is our favorite country and that we love your technology, engineer and your businessperson,” Medved aforesaid.

OurCrowd is an associate degree equity crowdfunding platform engineered for licensed investors to supply capital funding for early-stage startups.

Israel’s Top VC Fund Loves Indian Entrepreneurs & Sees Great Potential in Technology Investing in the Country

In India, it’s invested within quality startup ZoomCar its portfolio corporations equine Medical Vision proclaimed its foray in India in partnership with India’s high hospital chain Phoebus Hospitals.

Medved aforesaid the fund’s interest lies in quality, cybersecurity, technologies like medication, infrastructure security, digital health and the way one will use machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and agriculture in India. 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Your Small Business In INDIA

He thinks India is at the brink of associate degree agriculture revolution and it’s reaching to be amazing – it’s reaching to be supported device-driven information then managed by AI, Machine learning, algorithms to boost yields dramatically to create irrigation works to fret regarding post-harvest spoilage and these care in India we will do most besides your gifted engineers along with your Brobdingnagian market chance we will modification the globe,” He said.

The next question was asked regarding, “There square measure several Israeli corporations as investors notably to place investment in India, is OurCrowd serving to any of them?” to the current Medved aforesaid, “We square measure operating with several Indian organizations and establishments however we have a tendency to square measure waiting to ascertain the team right.

Now, we’ve opened such a large amount of offices in such a large amount of countries – the following step is in India and hopefully, we’ll have additional news to report by early next year, however, straight away we have a tendency to try to bring most of our corporations to figure with Indian partners.

He was known as ZoomCar an out of this world company and if the corporate finds additional corporations like ZoomCar ‘we square measure in,’ aforesaid Medved.

Next Steps

“We square measure launching a Master of Education fund and a social impact fund, the fund is targeted on having a positive impact on the society.

The key challenges square measure there measure the social impact. we’ve launched a sports technical school fund, we have a cannabis fund that is viewing the medical aspects of cannabis,

we have an AI fund we have a spread of fund their square measure eighteen forms of funds and 117 corporations,” he said.

The next question was asked regarding, ”What you would like to inform anybody World Health Organization needs to lift funds via OurCrowd?” to the current Medved aforesaid that,” If you’re thinking to begin an organization have a go at it currently, there’s ne’er been a time to lift cash, there square measure such a large amount of components in procession currently whether or not it’s Our Crowd of the very fact on SaaS basis start there square measure such a large amount of platforms in India. Related:- How To Make a Startup Scalable 2020

His message to Indian entrepreneurs is – if you would like to try and do one thing start and do one thing now!

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