Why start-ups should make partnerships a priority.

Whenever things become tough – or maybe overwhelming – as an entrepreneur I have usually asked myself why I didn’t search out a co-founder or business partner. Why start-ups should make partnerships a priority.

If I had, maybe we have a tendency to might have shared the work and achieved additional. however it conjointly raises advanced questions: ought to they need equity, and if therefore what proportion and at what valuation?

Startups should make partnerships a priority

Some seed accelerators like US-based Y Combinator (YC) square measure reluctant to just accept solo-founder start-ups. Their read is that if a founder can’t speak anyone else into a change of integrity the corporate, why ought to they are available on board?

When Dropbox corporate executive actor Houston applied to YC in 2007, former YC president Paul Graham told him to search out a co-founder. time period later Houston noncommissioned faculty friend Arash Ferdowsi. 10 years later the corporate is value around US$10 billion.

On the opposite hand, I conjointly hear stories from start-ups wherever there square measure disagreements among the co-founders; one party isn’t actuation their weight, or things don’t seem to be figuring out as a result of a person’s passion for the business fizzled, or they need different money desires.8 Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

The execs and cons of partnerships for start-ups

Not all co-founders synchronize like Apple’s Steve Jobs (a professional with sales) and therefore the tech-focused Steve Wozniak or, for that matter, Airbnb’s Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia.

And you can’t ignore the very fact that there are massively successful single-founder start-ups: state capital Omidyar with eBay, Craiglist founder Craig Newmark and Jeff Bezos at Amazon among them.

Even so, Melinda Gates says: “If you wish to travel quickly, go alone. If you wish to travel so much, come with others.”10 Things to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

It appears there’s no magic formula for start-up success, and it’s most likely too late on behalf of me to involve a co-founder anyway. That was a call I created last year and vowed to not go back.

Why waste brain time on one thing with no answer?

Instead, I discovered in our own way – one that provides the simplest of each world: operating with partners.

The partnership workaround
Business partnerships will keep possession structures separate, whereas at the identical time providing business advantages to all or any parties.

As my business has big, we’ve seen a rise in referrals from shoppers et al UN agency understand America. Luckily, travel may be a frequent topic of language whenever family, friends or colleagues gather over occasional, drinks or dinner. everybody desires to travel additional usually, and in additional snug ways in which.

I’m humbly grateful whenever we have a tendency to get referrals, as they show our core values, service and purpose square measure a decision to action.

In the same manner, we have a tendency to structure points to realize cheaper business category flights during a perpetual manner, strategic partnerships square measure some way to structure referrals during a perpetual manner.

Our target patronage is small- and medium-size firms, whose leadership teams have already accumulated sizeable frequent flyer or MasterCard points – however, notice them tough to use, or don’t acumen – with the power to apace collect additional points by paying business expenses from the proper cards.

We have known the variety of organizations ready to figure with our target customers, and they’re the pipeline to iFLYflat’s next growth section.

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Upstream partnerships

Credit card firms like Yankee categorical, whose members already hold an outsized range of points that might be spent during a smarter manner, thereby reinforcing the worth of victimization Curb.
B2B payment aggregators like RewardPay, Payment Logic, and celestial point Payments, wherever businesses will use their credit cards to pay suppliers that do not settle for credit facilities or do therefore with a high surcharge. This helps our targeted shoppers earn vital reward points and to maximize their income.
Overseas provider payment firms like Octet Finance, that manage exchange payments and import work via MasterCard, once more serving to our shoppers earn substantial points and to optimize income.

Midstream partnerships

Travel agents like Flight Centre and company somebody, whose shoppers don’t seem to be solely committed travelers, however, have usable points, providing America with the chance to supply them a specialized service that cuts prices for each business and leisure functions.7 Places to Find Businesses for Sale Online

Accounting firms, money planners and tax agents, whose shoppers square measure different SMEs seeking to “do additional with less” by increasing productivity from their expenditures and customarily finding smarter ways in which to chop prices.

Real estate agents and status automobile dealers, that square measure ideally placed to advise their shoppers on any chance to supply an inexpensive luxury vacation through smarter use of points.

Downstream partnerships (it’s a two-way street)
iFLYflat shoppers may be stated the likes of Flight Centre for edifice and different travel bookings.
Our shoppers want services like those provided by u-drive operator Richard Cowell Cars, that offers seamless transfer to airports . 20 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas low Investment in India

Travel insurers, as most of our shoppers, need insurance.
As iFLYflat grows, my focus is on however we are able to use our distinctive experience to partner with different organizations to form our current and potential clients’ travels more well-off.

Partnerships square measure a good thanks to amplifying our message and to assist guarantee everybody reaps rewards.

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