What Are The Best Ways To Think Of Ideas For A Startup?

So what do you do if you don’t have an idea?  Many people want to have an idea, to become an entrepreneur, with visions of being their own boss, and making lots of money (for them or others). But how do you find a good idea?

The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It’s to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself. – Paul Graham

The best way to find a good idea is to try and solve a specific problem or pain you have.  Look at what is out there, see if there are others with the same problem, and see if you can actually develop and build a solution.  If you have a problem, and that problem is shared by others, you may be on to something.  If no one else shares your problem, or it is not a big enough problem, you may find that there will not be the market for your solution.   You need to make sure to ask lots of different people, not just your friends and family (who invariably say, “That’s a good idea”, in order to not hurt your feelings).  It is better to have a small group of users who really want your solution, than a large group of users who are only mildly interested.

When you have an inspiration for a startup, raise yourself: WHO needs this right now? WHO needs this most that they’re going to use it even once it is a shitty version one created by a two-person startup they’ve ne’er detected of? If you cannot answer that, the concept is maybe unhealthy.

Other points to contemplate once finding startup ideas:

What does one would like? ideas come back from wherever there’s a need, whether or not in a very current job or in your lifestyle. perceive your peers and see if {they have|they would like} constant need.

Think Big. Is your plan scalable? Have a target, which can be quite slender to begin, however, be able to broaden your scope as your plan develops.

Be the sort of one who has nice ideas. Be smart in your field, thus you’ll be able to realize and exploit the gaps. Live and inhale the sphere you wish to form a startup, and you’ll begin to note the opportunities. sleep in the long run, so build what is missing.

Be a technician. currently this does not apply to everybody, however, you’ll stand a way higher probability of obtaining a technical school startup off the bottom if you recognize what you’re talking concerning. conjointly being getting ready to produce revisions on your own suggests that you may get to a player (Minimum Viable Product) abundant faster. Hack as usually as you’ll be able to.

Open your eyes. Notice what’s there, and realize what’s missing. it’s going to be obvious, otherwise you may have to seem onerous, however, it’ll be there. Be curious, raise queries, observe. If it bothers you, check up on it. you may get on to one thing.

Give yourself time. Rome wasn’t inbuilt daily, and smart ideas would like time to bake. simply be prepared.

Learn by doing. If you wish to be AN enterpriser, get out there and do one thing. become involved in cool comes, programming, knowledge domain events. Broaden your mind and meet folks from all backgrounds. visit add an apparently unrelated field.

Don’t be terrified of competition. It suggests that you’re on to one thing. Unless your competition has the market trapped utterly with an awfully glad client base, there’s continuously space for a new. consider what they’re doing, and create it higher.

Follow these points, and you stand an honest probability of noticing the plain.

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