Foodtech Startup Box8 Raises $15 Mn In Series C Round led By eWTP Ecosystem

Box8, one amongst India’s largest cloud room startups has raised $15 million light-emitting diodes by eWTP scheme Fund. Existing investors Mayfield and IIFL Seed Ventures fund have additionally participated during this spherical.

Started by 2 IIT graduates Amit dominion and Anshul Gupta, Box8 could be a technology 1st, full stack cloud room company that’s identified for its All-in-1 meals, Desi Boxes. They own the complete price chain, from procurance of high-quality ingredients to food preparation to the walk delivery, thence making certain superior client expertise whenever.
Box8 features a presence in four cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and NCR delivering over one million meals monthly from the company-owned 110+ cloud kitchens. Its network of cloud kitchens negates the high rental & operations prices incurred by ancient restaurants and has workflows higher suited to delivery.

Box8’s parent company, cloak welcome Pvt. Ltd. additionally owns and operates the pizza pie delivery brand- magic pizza pie. In but eighteen months since its origin, magic pizza pie has mature to be the biggest home-grown pizza pie delivery chain delivering over three 100000 pizzas a month. It leverages the present delivery fleet, technology platform and also the network of 110+ cloud kitchens across four cities.

eWTP scheme Fund is headed by mister. Youngfu Yu, an instauration member of the popular Chinese browser company UCWeb. He later became a key leader within the Alibaba ecosystem: heading multiple businesses, together with Autonavi, Alimama, and Alibaba amusement cluster.
We square measure determination the most important unsolved drawback in food delivery, that is that the preparation of food itself. ancient restaurants merely have a distinct DNA: their food is all concerning expertise and is supposed to be eaten at once. we tend to square measure a delivery 1st company, planning our food keeping in mind that it’ll be in transit for an additional 10-15 minutes. Our in-house fleet delivers 100% of our orders, this offers United States of America even bigger management over the food quality,” says co-founder, Amit Raj.

“Restaurants square measure still insulation in technology adoption. Even the most important brands run on archaic systems with human dependent inventions. we’ve designed our proprietary technology platform grounds up, that forms the backbone of our seamless operations. After all, we tend to square measure determination 2 huge problems: on-demand preparation of high-quality food and delivering it piping hot inside twenty-five minutes. to stay doing this at scale, we’d double down on school,” says co-founder, Anshul Gupta.

With this extra funding, they commit to speedily scale the business geographically to five a lot of cities with one hundred a lot of kitchens within the next twelve months. they’re aiming to sharply acquire talent & invest deeper in technology.

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